The world of business is rapidly changing and it is becoming necessary to be able to conduct business on the go. Business owners no longer need to be tied to a physical location to conduct day-to-day operations. Accounting and Bookkeeping must progress with the changing times by allowing you access your finance from anywhere. With our Virtual online accounting and bookkeeping services we offer you the ability to log into our secure online system and enter data and have full access to your real time accounting records at any time.

We are able to scan and electronically file your original documents to cut down on office clutter and reduce the need for document filing. Because we are paperless and live online at all times, you get seamless accounting with fewer in-house personnel costs and without any duplication of effort.

Want to enhance your existing accounting and financial team or gain expertise you cannot afford to have on staff? Something Different Virtual Controller service is designed for companies interested in obtaining financial oversight and structure without hiring staff. Something Different will work with your existing staff to ensure that all required systems and procedures are properly established and implemented and that financial records are accurately maintained.

Taking your accounting needs virtual allows you to reduce cost of maintaining a full or part-time employee. This savings could be in the neighborhood of $35,000.00 annually with salary, payroll taxes and benefits. We are able to provide you with accounting and bookkeeping services from anywhere in the world. With our Virtual Accounting Services we are no longer limited by distance and neither are you. We are able to conduct virtual meetings, conferences or training sessions allowing a lot more flexibility. With our online accounting and bookkeeping services you are in control of your accounting at all times.

Maintaining your files electronically will allow real time access to your accounting information at any time and from any location. Depending on the type of business you have and the size of your staff, you may be able to completely eliminate the overhead cost of maintaining a physical location. Let Something Different Accounting and Consulting, help you determine how to stream line processes and reduce expenses.

As technology becomes easier to use and more accessible take your accounting into the future with Something Different Accounting and Consulting.