Payroll Services
Something Different Accounting and Consulting is able to offer Payroll Processing Services for any staff size. We prepare, file and pay your Quarterly and Annual payroll tax returns as well as make payroll tax deposits. Process and file any local payroll tax returns based on your location. Our staff is constantly researching new payroll tax legislation to make sure we keep your company compliant at all times. We provide end of the year services such as issuance of W-2 and 1099’s. Let our business consultants help your with benefit management and selection as 401(k) administration. If you find the need to outsource your payroll processing or tax return preparation let us take care of you.

Accounts Payable Administration
Data entry of your bills and receipts into your accounting system so you can monitor your accounts payable balances at any time. We will also keep track of your credit card and bank account balances so you will always know how much you owe and your business valuation.

Accounts Receivable Administration
We will enter customer invoices, process payments, and even contact customers on overdue accounts (soft collection). You will always know how much is outstanding.

Bank Account Administration
We can record transactions as they occur, monitor your bank accounts daily, and reconcile them at the end of the month. Many clients provide us with signing power on check disbursements so we are able to pay to process your payments if needed.

Financial Review & Reporting
We will review balance sheet accounts, income statement accounts, and the general ledger to provide periodic reports to management to aid in decision-making. We are able to help you develop business plans, budgets, and best practices.

We are able to provide you with QuickBooks Setup and Training to anyone and anywhere no matter you accounting level. Let our experienced staff teach you how to maintain your books if independence is what you seek. We are here to help you grow your skills.

Virtual Controller Services
We provide vary from client to client depending on needs, but typically include:

Accounts Payable Oversight: We will verify that your general ledger is up to date, make sure that you’re making the most of vendor payment terms to maximize cash flow, advise on how to negotiate favorable settlements on long outstanding payables, and periodically analyze vendors to ensure the company is paying competitive prices for goods and services.

Accounts Receivable Oversight: We will review your invoicing procedures and recommend ways to accelerate collections and analyze aged accounts receivable to identify collection issues at the early stages.